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Casey Grove

Director of Catering Sales & Strategic Development

About Me

Casey Grove has tried to make the most of her exciting and varied life. He is responsible for sales and strategic development for catering at Penn State University. The recent promotion only shows a small part of how he moved up the corporate ladder in the hospitality business.

He is also an excellent example of how anything is possible. He loved the strategy and fun that board games can bring to people's lives and how they can help them grow. This made him want to make board games for his family and friends to play. He is considered the creator of the popular game "The Big Fat Tomato Game," which can be played by kids as young as eight and up.

Successes in a Career
Grove's professional success shows that speed is only sometimes essential and that you can get to where you want to be in any industry if you work hard and build relationships. Casey Grove worked as a dishwasher and line cook while in college at Penn State University, where he majored in Communications and Telecommunications Management. This was the start of his career in the hospitality industry.

Casey Grove got his degree in 2000 but chose to work in the hospitality industry instead. He worked his way up in the business world and eventually decided to focus on full-service catering for colleges and universities.

Long after that, he became the Event Services Manager at the school that taught him. He thought that the school that taught him might be the best place to use his skills in a full-time job. In 2010, he went into the private sector and got a job as the General Manager of a local company that does catering and event rentals.

Casey decided to go back to Penn State University, where he went to college, in 2017. He was offered a job as the General Manager of Campus Catering. He was more than happy to return to the school that had given him the skills he needed to advance in his career. As the Director of Catering Sales and Strategic Development, he is now in charge of leading solutions for catering on campus. He has been in this job for four years.

Hobbies and Interests of One's Own
Even though Casey Grove has a successful career, he wants to share his love of board games with other people. He likes how board games can bring people together for healthy competition and reconnection. Over time, he decided to make his board games in genres that needed to be fully explored or give the results he wanted.

One game, called "The Big Fat Tomato Game," was a hit with both Grove's close friends and people from outside his group. The game was easy enough to understand and gave the players something new to try. Casey got the game out to the public through Gamewiright, one of the top national board game publishers. It's been praised by many people and won the following awards:


Board Game Designer Awards

Parent's Choice Recommended

National Parenting Seal of Approval

Dr. Toy's Top 10 Games of the Year

Major Fun Award

Noise of Toys Gold Choice Award

Tillywig Top Fun award


The game's goal is easy to understand: players must put as many tomatoes as possible into baskets while protecting their crops from other players. This can include pests, weeds that bother you, and even zombie tomatoes. There are also a lot of other animals in the game, like flying hippos and a mole that you can control with a remote. Children like the silly things about the game, like how the players compete to see who can "make" their face look most like a tomato and how stupid the animals are. It also has a strategic part that people of all ages can enjoy, like a "round" system where you can play development, defense, and economic cards to help your tomato patch grow and stay healthy.

Casey Grove has always had a sense of adventure and loves to explore the great outdoors. He and his family have hiked through the Grand Canyon, and he has backpacked through many countries in Europe. His hobby of collecting rocks goes hand in hand with his love of the outdoors. He goes out of his way to find unique stones and gemstones. He then polishes and takes care of the ones he wants to keep and adds them to his collection.