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Casey Grove

Director of Catering Sales & Strategic Development

Casey Grove is a renaissance man. He has experienced success in many different fields, but he is best known for his work in the hospitality industry. Penn State University's Director of Catering Sales and Strategic Development, Casey, has ascended to the top of his field. His recent promotion provides only a tiny glimpse behind the corporate curtain of his ascent in the hospitality industry.

Casey is the creator of "The Big Fat Tomato Game," a board game that was a favorite among his inner and outer circles. The game was easily understood and provided the players with a novel experience. Gamewright, one of the nation's foremost board game publishers, distributed Casey Grove's board game to the public. It has received multiple endorsements and the following honors.

Grove loves to explore the great outdoors. He has hiked the Grand Canyon with his family and backpacked through numerous European countries. His passion for the outdoors and his hobby of collecting rocks are so intertwined that he actively searches for rare gemstones and rocks. Those he chooses to keep are then polished, maintained, and added to his collection.